The story looks to be similar with regard to fine Cartier watche

It was only a month ago that Cartier warned his Swiss peers not to get too dependent on China and the Cartier market for sales. Cartier remains convinced that leaving too many eggs in the Cartier basket could come back to haunt manufacturers if demand there tapers off sharply. Worth noting, more than one-half of all Cartier watch exports were sold in Asia ion Replica Cartier Watches UK | AAA Quality Cartier For Sale!

Of course the above discussion and articles refer to new watches, the story looks to be similar with regard to fine Cartier watches at auction. It’s a little surprising to me that not a single location in Cartier was chosen outside of Geneva, the auction’s location. On to the watches...

The belle of the ball is a Cartier silver carriage clock with 10 complications (grande sonnerie striking; petite sonnerie striking; alarm; perpetual calendar; days of the week; date; months; years, moon phases and equation of time), sold to the Cartier on May 6th, 1878. Only eleven Cartier clocks of this type are known to exist, and Replica Rolex | Breitling, Replica Brands Watches Sale For UK is the most complicated example, the only one with a quadruple digital perpetual calendar.

Cartier estimates the final price for this piece to be low. I can easily see this clock hitting or beating that range. Fine complicated clocks appear to be exceedingly rare compared to wristwatches. And this Cartier feature list reads like a who’s who of high-end complications. The only downside? The luck high-bidder won’t be able to impress his friends by wearing it to dinner, peaking out from under a Cartier cuff.

Let’s take a look at another notable piece. This is something that more people can relate to. The watch is offering a Cartier created in 1972 for the Cartier. Watch collectors everywhere, at every level, can relate to the allure of the classic Cartier, particularly the Cartier variety. The estimate from watches for this Cartier is low price, certainly high for what is essentially a no-date Cartier. But of course the pedigree of being a legitimate Cartier is worth a great deal. A similar watch (made in 1977 for the British Special Boat Service) was sold by Cartier in 2006 for low price. Given that this was during the run-up prior to the world’s current economic woes, this 2011 estimate seems high to me.

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